Practice Your Body At Home

How do you strengthen your muscles without having to go to the gym three times a week? You are already well on your way to a tight body if you regularly perform exercises for fit body below. You can just do it at home.

1. Reverse split for leg Reinforcement

Starting position: you are standing upright. Your legs are spread at shoulder distance.

Exercise: take a step backwards so that your knee hangs just above the ground. Your torso remains vertical. Your thigh from the front leg is horizontal. Your knee is above your ankle. Then return to the starting position by pressing on your front leg . Keep your back vertical without bringing your shoulders forward.

Perform this exercise 15 times left and right and repeat everything 3 times.

2. Stabilize shoulders and pelvis

Starting position: sit on hands and knees on the floor. Note: your wrists are just below your shoulders and your thighs are vertical.

Exercise: lightly tuck your abdomen to tighten the abdominal muscles and breathe easier. Your head always keeps pointing to the ground. Hold a dumbbell in the left hand. Aim the barbell forward, keeping your arm straight. At the same time stretch your opposite leg so that at the end of the movement the dumbbell, your shoulder, your hip and your foot are aligned. Return to the starting position.

Perform the exercise 15 times left and right and repeat everything 3 times.

3. Reinforce legs and buttocks

Starting position: sit on the edge of the bench, your knees 5 to 10 cm apart.

Exercise: your feet are parallel. Put a body bar on your thighs and hold it with both hands. Stay upright and pull your belly button 2 cm in the entire movement with respect to the resting position. Stand slowly. Make sure that your shoulders come out as little as possible and stay as vertical as possible. When you’re standing, lift the body bar with outstretched arms above your head. Let the bar sink back gently and keep the movement under control.

Repeat this complete movement 20 times. Then rest for 1 minute and repeat the exercise 3 times.

4. Reaction speed

Reaction speed

Starting position: you are standing upright with slightly spread feet.

Exercise: hold a ball over your head. As soon as you release the ball, you squat and tap the ground with two hands. Come up again and catch the ball before the ball touches the ground.
Repeat this movement 20 times. Then rest for a minute and repeat the exercise 3 times.

5. Arm reinforcement: triceps and shoulders

Starting position: sit on the bench and hold the edge of the bench with your hands.

Exercise: bring your pelvis forward so that you do not touch the bench. Bend the arms so that your pelvis almost touches the ground. Come up with outstretched arms. Is the exercise too easy? Then bring your legs forward to align your shoulders , your pelvis and your legs.

6. Pelvis and arms

Starting position: sit on hands and knees with the ball in front of you.

Exercise: Put your hands on the ball and let the ball slide, so that the ball rolls to your thighs. Your arms are stretched, your stomach is pulled in and your elbows are slightly turned outwards. Keep the belly in, bend your arms to lower the shoulders as low as possible. Then roll back without bending your back.

Do this exercise 15 times and repeat 3 times.

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