Do you believe your daughter is all set to shave? Thanks to expert advice from our beauticians, we talk about it.

Time flies so quick! Your little baby has now become a big woman with a changing body. She is beginning to get a growing number of interested in kids and wishes to do what her pals do. She might be a lot more independent, but she still needs you to discover how she can get more confidence. Obviously she also has buddies to whom she can ask advice. But for honest answers to all her concerns, you want her to rely on you too. For example about shaving. Help her to feel lovely with info and great advice.

1. Is your daughter ready to shave?

You do not desire your kids to grow too fast, however due to the fact that in adolescence whatever revolves around hormones and not barbecuing, we understand that if she truly wants to shave, it might be time for that. Research study has actually shown that prepubers generally begin adolescence earlier than previous generations. This becomes part of the natural growth process; there is therefore no perfect age to start shaving.

2. How do you discuss this with your child?

How did you feel when you initially shaved? Consider which issues your child discusses with you and focus on the signals: does she show that she wishes to shave? Is she embarrassed of her hair? Do her girlfriends shave? You can obviously find out ways to shave with positive and motivating advice. Inform her that she looks lovely, but give her pointers on shaving if she thinks that smooth legs will help her feel better. If you remember your first shave, tell her about it.

3. Discover the right razor blade for your daughter

The Venus razor blades have actually been specifically developed for females. They are trustworthy and practical, and the ladies can easily use them. The Venus Embrace razor blade, with 5 blades that follow every round of the body and ensure a really precise shave, is best as the first razor blade. All deals with of the Venus shaving systems fit all Venus razor blades. A great recommendations for your child: choose a shaving system for females. Some Venus shaving systems are equipped with a movable rounded head, moisture strip and ergonomic SoftGrip manage. This makes it easier to shave ankles, knees and underarms.

4. Teach your daughter ways to shave

It is enough to show her the best ways to do it and describe each step: wet the skin with warm water, use shaving gel and shave carefully versus the hair development direction. Also inform her to utilize a body milk after shaving to hydrate the skin. Inform her that she must not utilize another person’s razor blade (that’s not hygienic at all).

Also inform her to change the blade as soon as shaving ends up being less comfortable, to minimize the danger of cuts. Although the operation of the blade mainly depends upon the density of the hairs and the significance of the zones that have to be shaved, the majority of girls replace their blades after 5 to 10 shaves. Another essential tip: always utilize a shaving gel which makes the razor blade slide over the skin more quickly. This makes shaving not only more pleasant, but also reduces the risk of cuts. (If you wish to avoid a step, choose the Venus Breeze with integrated shaving gel pads.) Then let her try to shave her legs. Do not forget to provide her tips for shaving armpits and the swimwear line.

5. How typically shave?

Girls do not have to shave as frequently as fully grown ladies, the hairs are still fine and do not grow back so rapidly. Discuss this with her. Depending upon how quickly the hairs grow back, two shaves a week might be enough, but it can likewise be more regular.

6. Assist your daughter handle the pressure of her good friends

The pressure of her buddies can provide your daughter a great deal of tension. Inform her that it is her body which she can choose when she begins shaving. There is no “ideal” age to start shaving. When she does it to satisfy her friends, point out that it is necessary that she remains herself. Is she embarrassed of her hair? If she wants to discover how to shave to feel good about her, speak to her about what makes her so special. As soon as you know how she feels, you can discuss to her that she needs to wait a little bit longer which if the time is best you will offer her advice about shaving.

7. Shaving is low-cost

Wet shaving is an easy method to depilate in your home. It is likewise an easy and quick method to get rid of unwanted hair without spending excessive cash. All Venus razor blades include a reusable handle and a series of changeable blades In this manner your daughter can evaluate the different quality blades of Venus without having to purchase a new shaving system each time. Count on a shaving budget of about 30 euros annually.

8. It is not proper to share razor blades.

Although you have a lot in common with your child, the razor blade does not have to be a part of it. It is not just unclean, but by sharing the shaving system, the blade will also become bone much faster. Offer her own razor blade.

9. How do you understand if your daughter is all set?

A recent research study has actually shown that 39% of ladies have actually attempted shaving for the very first time without asking approval. Whether your daughter is too shy to ask you, you can help her to make her first shave pleasant (and safe) by providing her recommendations. In puberty she will notice that the hair on her legs and underarms ends up being darker. Look (and listen) if she suggests that it is time to shave: is she ashamed of her hair? Does she say she wants to shave? Help her select the ideal razor blade!

10. The questions your daughter can ask you

How do you hold a razor?
Let her practice with a Venus razor blade: position your forefinger on the manage supplied on the manage and hold it securely, making sure that the angle in between the razor blade and the skin is not too big.

Where am I expected to shave?
Tell her that some women are just listed below their knees, which others are shaving their thighs. She needs to choose exactly what she wants.

How do you shave your armpits?
Inform her to clean herself to guarantee that no deodorant stays behind which she needs to use a shaving gel, such as Satin Care. Tell her to hold her arm up with her hand in her neck to tighten up the armpit skin and make it easier to shave Due to the fact that armpit hair grows in all instructions, you reveal her how she can shave up and down, however also to the side to remove the most persistent hairs.

How typically should I shave?
She can shave as frequently as she needs, so that she feels beautiful and loaded with self-confidence. Assure her that it is not because she frequently shaves that the hair will grow back faster or thicker.

Her first shave.

By teaching your adolescent the best ways to shave, you provide her confidence an increase. Make it a special event to enhance the bond with her. You can do this by taking her out shopping. Let her pick her own Venus razor blade and a shaving gel. While she remains in the shop, she may wish to buy some other beauty products, such as a brand-new deodorant, body milk, lip gloss or hair accessories. You can even go to the mall and have her pick out a brand-new attire. When you get back home, you will discover ways to shave and how your confidence grows! You can likewise make something special by organizing a wellness day in the house. Do a pedicure/ manicure and relax with a face mask. Give her all your shaving ideas and do her thoroughly for the best ways to do it.