Nuts , we do not eat that much in the Netherlands. Occasionally a handful of nuts on a birthday, maybe. And maybe we’ll throw them through the food once the recipe explicitly asks for it. However, they are often forgotten. Many people therefore have some suspicion about nuts: they contain a lot of fat and make you fat?

Yet it is really worth it to regularly eat a portion of nuts. But why then? And how many grams of nuts per day can you take the best? We’ll explain it all below!

What are Nuts?

In general, we all have a good idea of ​​what nuts are. Yet the edge cases are not known to everyone! As a nut, only the species classified as dry fruit in a fruit wall on trees are officially classified. This applies to practically all notes that we usually see.

Think of cashew nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios , walnuts , pecans, macadamias and Brazil nuts. Almonds are crazy enough again not official nuts, but fruits. Even peanuts programs are excluded, which are legumes . However, the Nutrition Center also charges both species just under the nuts. Their advantages are in fact comparable to those of the other species.

Preferably go for the unroasted and unsalted nuts to take maximum advantage of the health benefits. Roasted nuts contain slightly less (not many) minerals and vitamins by frying in oil.

4 benefits of a handful of nuts per day!

Maybe you’ve heard the advice of a handful of nuts a day. We’ll tell you more about what that means exactly. We will now start by addressing another important question: why should you make any effort to eat nuts at all? What exactly do these things have to offer? We list four important benefits below.

1. Vitamins and Minerals

Nuts have something in common with fruit and vegetables : they are all packed with vitamins and minerals. And no, that does not only apply to the so-called ‘ superfoods ‘. Also the more common notes are insanely healthy in this respect. In terms of vitamins, nuts are especially rich in vitamins from the B complex. B1, B2 and B6 are very common.

The fat-soluble vitamin E, an important antioxidant, is also very important. The minerals differ reasonably per nut. Among others, iron , copper, selenium and various other minerals come back in the different species.

2. Good for cholesterol

Nuts, as mentioned earlier, contain a lot of fats . Still a lot of people are very nervous about that, because fats are still bad? Well, not in nuts at all. This is about unsaturated fats that your body needs very much. One of the advantages of these fats is that they help you to balance your cholesterol .

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They lower the bad LDL cholesterol, while they increase your good HDL cholesterol. Thus, nuts also lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, the most important consequence of a bad cholesterol level. Who regularly eats nuts has less chance of this.

3. Stable blood sugar

When you eat a meal with lots of carbohydrates , your blood sugar will increase considerably. That can have all kinds of disadvantages, especially when it comes to fast carbohydrates . However, you can slow the absorption of glucose by eating other foods. Nuts seem to be perfectly suited for this.

Because they mainly contain proteins and fats, they ensure that there is a less high peak in your blood sugar. They also help you to eat less later in the day . A more stable blood sugar level prevents binge eating and similar misery.

4. Good for weight

Well, you might think now, but what about those calories ? Who will ensure that you arrive very quickly? And indeed, nuts contain a lot of calories – but that does not really make you fatter. A study in which more than 51,000 women were followed for eight years showed, for example, that the women who did eat nuts regularly arrived less.

One of the reasons for this is that nuts reduce the risk of binge eating. In general, nuts saturate well. There is therefore a good chance that you will eat slightly less on balance.

How many grams of nuts per day?

But how many grams of nuts per day should you eat in order to enjoy these benefits? Not at all that much, according to the Nutrition Center, for example. The recommended amount is a handful of nuts per day: around 25-30 grams are used. Something more or less is of course fine, and vegetarians can certainly take a bit more.

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