You buy clothing in the store, but at home you find out that it is not quite as you expected. No problem; you go back with your receipt and you exchange your things again. With a breast enlargement, it is a bit different.

With that idea in mind, doctors invented the temporary breast augmentation. This allows women to “fit” a new pair of breasts to judge if they really want to take the step to go under the knife.

Regular, permanent breast enlargement

In a regular, permanent breast augmentation, breast prostheses are inserted through an operation. The operation always takes place under general anesthesia. A cut of 4 to 5 centimeters is made to insert the implant. Depending on the situation, this incision is made in the chest fold, areola or armpit. The patient can go home the day after the operation.

After the operation the abdomen and breasts can feel painful. It takes 1.5 to 2 weeks to recover and at the end of this period the real end result is only visible.

Breast augmentation for a day

Although breast enlargement makes some women happy, there are also women who regret it. They do not get the boost in self-confidence, which they might have expected, they get unwanted attention due to the new posture or it simply feels uncomfortable. whether or not to opt for permanent enlargement.

Saline solution

The test augmentation is carried out by injecting a saline solution and is therefore a lot less drastic than an operation. In contrast to the permanent enlargement, the adjustment does not take place behind the pectoral muscle, but the solution is injected into the breast tissue. Because salt is naturally present in our system, its use is safe and not harmful to the body. The injection can be administered without anesthetic and the procedure takes about 20 minutes.

The result of the temporary enlargement is immediately visible after administration. Any small bruise is the only trace of the procedure. After 24 hours, the solution is broken down again by the body; it disappears through the bloodstream. Be warned; Although the chance of a long-term effect is small, the extra fluid in the breasts may cause the skin to stretch. Depending on the amount and frequency, this can affect the normal position of the breasts, as the skin’s support is weakened.

The temporary breast augmentation can be a solution for women who are not sure whether breast augmentation will have the desired effect on their lives.

Magnification for the occasion

However, the intervention is also used for other purposes. For example, it happens that women take a temporary breast augmentation for a wedding, parties and holidays or to pamper their partner for a night.

An excellent solution for women who do not want to go under the knife or do not want to walk around with fake breasts for the rest of their lives. It only costs a lot of money; a whopping 3,500 dollars (this amounts to approximately 2,600 euros). Around this price also the permanent breast enlargements begin, so the choice is yours. Risk or try?

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